Or, about the writer. I am a 20-something year old girl who reads a lot and writes a lot, I actually do it for a living.

I graduated with a degree in communication from some university in Katipunan, where I was also a writer-editor for some Filipino magazine. It was a love-hate relationship to say the least.

Upon graduation, I immediately (!) went on to work for government, where I spent almost three years being in crisis mode. I went on a six month break after that, until I figured, Nope I can’t take this out of my system–yet. So now, I’m back in public service, hustling, but, at the same time, trying my best to unlearn the urgency of all things. One step at a time.

(You can also find me here, here, and here.)

If you’re here and was just wondering what my username means, it’s simply Filipino for emancipation, or liberation, freedom.