In 2004, I first began posting on a blog. It was still Blogspot then, and I wrote almost everyday about how my day went. Being the 5th grader that I was, it was usually just a recap of what happened in class, and then I would list down the things I had due for tomorrow.

Fast forward some 5 years later, I moved to WordPress, writing about my day still, but posted mostly exam reviewers (the nerd that I was). And poetry. I began to read more literature, because it was also the same time I minored in the subject.

The years that followed, I wrote letters–letters I addressed to no one but initials, and would come with lines from my favorite poems. It was nostalgia that led me to write and reach out.

And then I stopped. Too abruptly, I think. I stopped writing altogether, for at least a year. I was working for government then, and found (ahem, made) no time at all to sit down and write. At times when I did find time for myself, I read and read and read, hoping that one day I would write my own lines.

And so here we are. Now, this time, I want to document the days I want to fondly remember. A journal of places where I’ve seen, or books I’ve read, or stories I’ve heard. Mostly stories. From years of writing, I’ve learned that everything comes with its own pace. And maybe this is mine, and for once, I’m going to take my time.


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