Workspaces: A room in 3F NEB

I’m still trying to recount all the #workspace photos I have on my phone, and so for now, I’ve decided to write about where I spend 80% of my time back then: my office desk. (In all its chaos, sham and drudgery.)

Office workspace.jpg
*Record scratch* *Freeze frame* Yep. That’s my desk. You’re probably wondering if there is actually space for work here. 

Upon graduating from college in March 2014, I took the offer to work in government as an executive assistant-junior speechwriter at the Presidential Communications Office. It’s mostly admin, scheduling and coordination work, but I get to write speeches every now and then to ease the group’s load. For two years, I got to work with 7 (!!!!) amazing-crazy-talented speechwriters (and I miss their kulit everyday, huhu. #sepanx).

With the big bosses! I am a smol.

Anyway. Before I shed a tear and/or get triggered, back to my table.

Wala naman masyadong ganap sa lamesa ko, pero kung meron man, mukha siyang war zone, for a reason. You would know if I’m having a rough or easy day, based on the things that are/nt on my desk. Default though is tipong dinaan na ng ilang libong krisis ang opisina, at basta na lang magpapatong ng gamit sa lamesa. I have tried many times to clean it up–usually on a Friday night, just to clear the aftermath of the week’s storm, hahaha–but it always ends up looking like that.

Here’s a rundown on what’s on the wall:

  • a Philippine map: I love, love maps. This map has only been up since October 2015, which was the beginning of the campaign season, when we would tail around our bosses around the country for multiple sorties a week. We wrote speeches from sun up to sun down and there was always a looming deadline in the distance. The next thing we know, it was June 30, and we were packing our bags and clearing our tabl– Okay, I’ll save that for another post.
  • a postcard from Kevin – and, if you can see it, a miniature standee of him. Wala lang, #inspiration. And yes, that’s a 2×2 photo pasted on Johnny Bravo (or, Johnny Arbo. Heh.)
  • a phonetic alphabet guide – Alam ng mga kaibigan ko na hindi ako magaling mag-spell out. Not spelling per se, but you know when someone spells out something for you and you have to write it down. I can’t write it down if you say it too fast; I am a dumdum like dat. So I need my phonetics! Alpha, Biogesic, Coconut, Dog poop, Elbow macaroni. Whatever. (I also can’t say the alphabet backwards. Wow, me. Go, writer me.)
  • a list of national holidays for the year – Something to look forward to! Or not. Because working in government–well, in this office–meant working on holidays, too. But it’s fine. I’m fine. It’s okay. (We got used to it.)
  • the office/Palace directory – The introvert in me cringes every time I have call someone up, and I die a little inside when my phone starts ringing. How I landed this EA job still remains a mystery.
  • a project timetable – This changes every now and then, as more timetables pop up when new projects are drafted. And finally;
  • random post its. From phone numbers, to reminders, to corny jokes, and “Happy Monday / Happy Friday / Happy X-day” notes–it’s all there. In different shapes and sizes.

There is also a desk calendar that’s sitting on the edge. It is barely hanging on and always lands facedown on my desk, but I keep it that way, anyway.

My table is basically a mini National Bookstore. It has stocks (and stocks and stocks) of binder clips, paper clips, highlighters, pens, A4, long bond, post its, washi tape, cigarettes, and A TON of books. And post its. And books. And post its.

Office workspace2
Things get so difficult that sometimes all you can do is helplessly watch your to-do list drown itself in coffee. Hashtag life is hard.

That’s it. Never really realized how much these things actually give you an impression of who I am. And to be honest, I miss this workspace. I miss the crazy–not that my current job isn’t driving me nuts, because it does. But the crazy back then was so new, so fresh, that I didn’t realize it was crazy until I left and had to clean out my area. I didn’t realize what I was getting into, until I was out of it. And doesn’t that give you quite a perspective in life?

No? Okay hahahaha

June 27, 2016. The new admin staff are coming in three days; and yet here I am, trying to squeeze in some work time, one last time. (I always wonder what they will make of our spaces.)

My current desk is still bare; there is only a penholder, a bowl of post its (yes, a bowl), and at least 3 books. Let’s see how things go in a few months. 🙂



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